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Dr Brad and staff are the best. Everyone is professional and does an excellent job. I received excellent care and would highly recommend them.

Carol Z.


"Please allow me to give you a little background on myself. I have had several injuries over the years and like most of us in our middle ages I had put on a few extra pounds. I suffer from vertigo and have severe neck and back problems. Daily headaches were common and I took anti-inflammatory meds like they were candy. I suffer from GERD and had frequent heartburn. I thought of myself as a fairly active person who was in decent shape, boy was I wrong. I also travel for work and knew my diet wasn't great but didn't feel it was terrible. I was wrong again.

I met with your Wellness Coach, Katelyn and she did a complete assessment of me that would allow her to develop some guidelines and set a plan in motion. Early September we began her Eat Well, Move Well and Think Well Lifestyle Program to help me "reboot" my system. Now I am a person who can be very persistent in my approach to things. Little did I know this was going to be a huge asset for me. I quit chewing tobacco, sugars, alcohol, grains, dairy and all forms of over the counter medications. Also, the diet soda that I craved hourly.

During the program I was given a journal to help me write down my objectives and keep track of my daily food and activities. Along with the nutrition, the physical and emotional exercises are a must ad one needs to be consistent. The journal helps one to be accountable and log everything down on paper. Even when I didn't feel the best, my weekly meetings with Katelyn would help give me the encouragement and push to stay the course. 

After a month I noticed my adjustments were holding better, I had substantially more energy and was sleeping restful at night. My mental state of mind was much more peaceful and I was more patient at home and work. My outlook on things were more positive and I had a general improvement in my mental, physical and emotional state of mind. At the end of the program I was feeling great and had seen dramatic changes both in my physical appearance and the way my body was feeling and responding in general. I was no longer battling daily headaches. Aches and pains were pretty much non-existent. My stomach was not bothering me, my vertigo episodes had improved, and my stress level felt lower than ever.

The Lifestyle Program has been great for me and continues to challenge me to be better and healthier. 

A great big THANK YOU to Dr. Brad, Brandi, Ashley, Katelyn and Dr. Riley and the whole Roshau Chiropractic staff.

If anyone is serious about making a substantial change for the betterment of their overall health, I recommend the EAT WELL, MOVE WELL, THINK WELL PROGRAM."

Jason D.