Dr Brad and staff are the best. Everyone is professional and does an excellent job. I received excellent care and would highly recommend them.

Carol Z.

Most friendly and welcoming staff I've met and have received amazing results. 2 month old daughter and I just started going. I'm excited to feel even better cuz I know it's possible and they will help me get there and stay there. I would recommend anyone and everyone to these guys. 

Tiff J.

Amazing people that care about your specific needs and wellness!

Sherry B.

Dr brad and the rest of the staff at roshau chiropractic are absolutely amazing! I couldn't walk before going here and I have my life back! Their the best in North Dakota! Well worth my 2 hour drive :)

Amanda K.

The BEST Chiropractic and wellness team! They are so friendly and helpful. If you are unsure about chiropractic care, this one takes X-rays and scans, then shows you them and explains what is going on with you and how they can help. There is no guessing, you will see it yourself!

Crystal H.

Dr. Brad and the rest of his staff are amazing.  I highly recommend them.

Melanie E.

My daughter has scoliosis and we see Dr Brad and Dr Riley. They are both superb as well as every employee we have encountered there. We have been going there for almost a year. At the 6 month mark a surgeon verified that the work that was being done by Dr Brad was constructive and valuable.

Laretta M.

Great place to go. Both Dr. Brad and Dr. Riley are awesome at what they do. I trusted them both with working on my family (10 month old baby boy and pregnant wife) and they did not disappoint!! I'd recommend these 2 to anyone.

Spencer A.

I have been going to Dr. Brad Roshau for about 16 years now, and not once considered another chiropractor. Dr. Roshau and the staff at Roshau Wellness Center have always treated me with respect, professionalism and care. Not only do the chiropractors and wellness coaches know what they are talking about, they also truly care about your well being. They make you feel comfortable at every visit. I highly recommend Dr. Brad Roshau and the staff at Roshau Wellness Center for any chiropractic/health services or advice.

Colter T.

We have stuck with Dr. Brad and his staff for the last 7 yrs. for 3 primary reasons. First, the science he puts behind the chiropractic approach by objectively measuring for adjusting. Second, the excellent friendliness & helpfulness of the staff. Third, the total body approach to wellness in his office. I can say that Dr. Brad is as interested in someone's pursuit of health outside his office as he is in the actual adjustments. It is nothing for him to ask my kids if they've avoided sugar, been getting their rest, or saying their prayers. I am thankful that it is a good place to come and for an office that will challenge me on my overall approach to health.

Chara W.