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Postural Restoration

Specific and Custom for Every Patient

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Personal Trainer Stretching Session

Postural Restoration

Postural Restoration is a series of stretches and muscle strengthening exercises intended to aid in the success of your care. Patients reduce pain and stiffness, speed up results and need care less frequently when they combine their chiropractic adjustments with Postural Restoration. Every body is different and every person that walks through our doors will need a personalized plan for their spine. To make this plan as effective as possible Ashley works in conjunction with Dr. Brad and Dr. Riley where together they examine your x-rays and scans to come up with a game plan for you.


Stretching is vital to the success of your chiropractic care. Often times we have muscles surrounding our spine that are tight and pulling us out of alignment. By stretching specific areas of your body your adjustments can be performed with ease and they will last longer. Ashley can put together a stretching plan specifically for you and your unique needs. 

Althetic Woman Stretching On A Gym Mat
Muscular Man Lifting Kettle Ball


Strengthening your body is a very important part of your chiropractic care Your body needs to be strong to help support your spine. Everyone is unique and may need to strengthen different areas. When it comes to your spine and the care you receive at our office we want to be extra specific with what you should and should not do. That is why we suggest meeting up with Ashley so that with the help of Dr. Brad and Dr. Riley we can get you strengthening the proper areas of your body and avoiding any exercises that will hinder your progress.

Postural Restoration: Our Services
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